[Part 2] Updating the Files Cabinet




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    Ana Hameedi

    Hi, how do you stop automatic updates?

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    Awesome Table

    Hello Ana Hameedi,

    You just need to follow this article. The subject is different but it is the same way to remove a trigger. A trigger is what will trigger the automatic update of Files Cabinet.
    The only difference with the article is that you don't remove a dateChecker function like it's specified in the article but you have to remove the autoUpdater function (see the screenshot in my another comment). It's the function that manages the automatic update in Files Cabinet.

    However, you need to remove the autoUpdate triggers every time you manually start the update if you want to disable automatic update. It is not practical but it is for the moment the only temporary solution that we have.

    Of course, we will let you know when the problem will definitely be solved.

    We are truly sorry for this inconvenience.

    Kind regards,

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