Displaying images from Google Drive




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    Randolph Abelardo

    A lot of users are looking for this. Thanks for creating this very timely article, Nicolas !

    May I suggest a tip that will help the users automate or make their ID retrieval faster

    The users might be concerned about the manual & tedious way of right clicking each individual image in your Drive just to get the image ID. They can simply install AwesomeTable's Photo Gallery add-on and it will automatically get all their IDs of your images. 

    To generate the image-URL (link), just add another column with a formula to append or concatenate the drive.google.com prefix with the image ID.

    Here's the link to the add-on https://goo.gl/Bw3eJ5.

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    Awesome Table

    Hi Randolph,

    Thank you for suggesting this tip, it can be especially useful for users that have a spreadsheet with a lot of data!

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