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    Pvrmextv (Edited )

    I struggled with getting images to show up and then 10 minutes later they started showing up. (update: now they have disappeared again...something with google?? strange)

    There seems to be some delay, at least for me right now.

    I also noticed that not all shareable links follow the same format as you noted above but I discovered that the https://drive.google.com/file/d/ format never shows my pictures.

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/xyz  - you get this if you click the share button (won't show images for me)

    but if you right click on file select "get shareable link" you get this format which will show my pictures.


    where xyz = unique ID

    While I have your attention...and being new to the NEW Google Sites.

    Can I get the slideshow into the banner?


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    Randolph Abelardo (Edited )

    Hi Pvrmextv. 

    Using the URL from the get shareable link won't work.

    You could try an alternative solution that's always worked for me. You can see the details here -  https://goo.gl/VfEiW7.

    Here's a post where I replied and shared a live demo using the method shared above in an AwesomeTable SlideShow - https://goo.gl/JenH8Q.

    Note: You cannot insert scripts (SLideShow) inside the New Google Sites' header / banner. This is a limitation on their part.

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    Is there an easy and automated way to display an image-gallery with images that got uploaded to Google-Drive by users using the upload-function of a Google-Form, in Awesome-Table?

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    Awesome Table

    Hi Mahernioio,

    You can use a formula in your spreadsheet to retrieve the ID of the image and add it to the URL of the example above.


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    Hi.. How can i automatically store only the file ID in a column ? 

    Im using Google Forms to store  data.. and generates the complete link to the image.. 



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    Awesome Table (Edited )

    Hi Webmasterppsl,

    Indeed you can get the ID of your image from your Drive with a formula like this in a new column with the ImageType keyword:
    ={"ImageType"; ARRAYFORMULA(Concat("https://drive.google.com/thumbnail?id=", REGEXEXTRACT($G$3:$G,"id=([^&]+)")))}

    You just need to replace the cells concerned with those who have the image uploaded. In this example it the column "G".

    Here is the Awesome Table view connected with a Google Form and here is the spreadsheet with the formula used above. It will be helpful for you request. 

    Kind regards,

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    Si Biggs

    I'am trying to display images that have been added via google forms as a file using Imagetype from my speadsheet onto my Geo map, I have tried various tool tip codes but they just show as a long elongated picture.

    Any ideas please? 





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    Awesome Table

    Hi Si Biggs,

    Would it be possible for you to share your Awesome Table view and your spreadsheet at "support@awesome-table.com"? If you have sensitive data, you can make a copy with similar data. Just make sure to give us access to your data.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Lionel COSTE

    Hello Awesome team, hello Google chaton.


    I meet an issue when using the Drive hosted pics directly in the Slideview show.


    The quality is nearly 50% lost althogh the original looks pretty good.


    Any idea about tha loose of pixels density please ?


    Nou a  retrouv' comme dit kreol !

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    Lionel COSTE

    I think it's because of the thumbnail call in the sheets formula : a thumbnail view is natively a compressed image, isn't it ?

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    Awesome Table

    Hi Lionel Coste,

    I think this is because you used the ?id= link from drive.
    By default, this link can not display the image, and thus, will be converted to a working link like below:
    This thumbnail link needs to have the maximum width/height specified.
    To get the full images, not resized, please use directly the thumbnail URL, with correct size, like below:
    Kind regards,
  • I'm trying to make a card view with pictures that occupy about 90% of the top of the card (ideally 250-350px in height) and the lower 10% would be {{Marker 1}} and {{Marker 2}}

    but using the imageType parameter always only gives me an image that's approx 100px. How can I change the size of this?

    If it is CSS which class(?) needs to altered?

    (Note: I'm able to edit the card size, just can make the pictures any bigger.)

    Thanks for any help! 

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    Awesome Table (Edited )
    Hello Cactus Shadows (Shadowbox Players),
    Would it be possible for you to share your Awesome Table view and your spreadsheet at "support@awesome-table.com"? If you have sensitive data, you can make a copy with similar data. 
    Just make sure you give us access to your data.
    Kind regards,
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    how to show latest images on top

    <iframe src="https://drive.google.com/embeddedfolderview?id=1********Az#grid" width="100%" height="500" frameborder="0"></iframe>

    i use this code but it shows images by name order any help :)

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    Awesome Table

    Hello Pakmymclan2,

    I suggest you consult this article. The best thing is to consult the entire article to understand the logical of queries.

    It will help you to display images in function some criteria.

    Thank you.


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