Use Queries to show records based on conditions




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    Gustavo A. Valero P.


    I have a little problem using LABEL and ORDER clauses at the same time.

    If I write:

    SELECT A, C, D ORDER BY D       -->   the query works fine

    but with:

    SELECT A, C, D LABEL A ' Name', C 'Phone' ORDER BY D   -->   the query sends an error message!!

    Is there a little bug or I'm missing anything? 

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    BTW...  great web site, product and ideas, congratulations!!

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    Awesome Table

    Hello Gustavoavalerop,

    Actually, when you use SELECT and ORDER, ORDER must be just after SELECT. I suggest you use:

    SELECT A,C,D ORDER BY D LABEL A 'Name', C 'Phone'

    It should work with this method.

    Kind regards.


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    Gustavo A. Valero P.

    Hi Thomas,

    Yes, you are right, now my query works correctly!



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    Lasse Soininen

    Is it possible to pass query via URL parameter? We would like to limit returned results to a UID that would be passed in the URL view?UID=123456789

    Query: select * where UID = {{GET_UID}}

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    Awesome Table


    Unfortunately this is not possible with Awesome Table.


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    Sean Gillard

    Great Article! it helped me on some of the things I have been working on.

    I have one that I'm asking it to essentially filter more. But once I get to a certain point, Then the rest stops working. What am I doing wrong?  In the below formula, A is bringing me Active and inactive. Manager sometimes shows up and sometimes doesn't depending on if I add the Active one or not. Is there a specific way this order should be to make it work?

    =QUERY(Lookup!A:Y, "select B, E, F, O, P, Q, W, X where B = 'Operations' and W = 'Supervisor' or W= 'Lead' or W = 'Manager' and A = 'Active' ")




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    Thomas Morin

    Hello Sean Gillard,

    Actually, your syntax is not correct. You don't need to use"=QUERY(Lookup!A:Y...".

    Your query must be like this:

    select B, E, F, O, P, Q, W, X where B = 'Operations' and W = 'Supervisor' or W= 'Lead' or W = 'Manager' and A = 'Active' 

    In this way, it will work because that's the correct syntax.

    Thank you.



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    Jennifer Prusak

    I am super new at this. Is there a way to make it so as you filter results in the drop-down filters that the other filters would be dynamic and update with only content relative to the filter before it? If so where would you beginning to set that up?


    Thank you so much for your help!  Jen

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    Nicolas Gauvin

    Hello Jennifer,

    You could achieve this with CSV and Category filters using dependent filters.

    Please let me know if that helps!


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