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    Zebulun Haggerty

    I do not get an image when following these instructions - I just get this:




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    Awesome Table

    Hello Zebulun Haggerty,

    Could you submit a ticket with all the details about your issue, please? Would it be also possible for you to share us your view and your spreadsheet at "support@awesome-table.com"?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Jaybird Farrow

    is there anyway to display a thumbnail of a PDF document inside files cabinet?

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    Awesome Table

    Hello Jaybird Farrow,

    It is not possible for the moment to display a thumbnail of a PDF document inside a Files Cabinet.

    However, you can propose this feature in our feature request.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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    Jane Richardson

    I can't figure out how to use the ImageType keyword AND a template for the cards view. Is it even possible? When I put "ImageType" in my identifier line, it overrides my template. Thanks!

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    Thomas Morin

    Hello Jane,

    Indeed, it is definitely possible to use imageType keyword and a template at the same time.

    You just need to use imageType keyword in the relevant column, then, display the content of this column in your template sheet. In this case, there is no need to have HTML code, you can directly use markers like this: {{yourColumn}}. 

    If you still experience this issue, please create a ticket and share with us your view and your Google Spreadsheet data source at "support@awesome-table.com".
    Just make sure you give us access to your data.

    Kind regards.


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    Lucy Nguyen

    How can I display images in full size instead of thumbnail? I used https://drive.google.com/thumbnail?id=imageID but I want it display in full size

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    Nicolas Gauvin

    Hello Lucy!

    Are you using a template to display the images?

    If so, you can change their size either within the HTML:


    or also by changing the CSS.

    Can you have a look if this would work for you?

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