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    Carrie Thomas

    Does this include a Microsoft Sharepoint site?  (Just getting used to the Microsoft ecoystem having been in Google since forever.)

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    Randolph Abelardo (Edited )

    Hi @Carrie.

    I haven't tried MS Sharepoint. You could follow this article from MS on how to Add content to your page using the Embed web part. It mentioned that you can try 2 methods:

    1. Display content using a website address (if this doesn't work, try the 2nd option below)
    2. Display content using embed code

    And according to their Troubleshooting section:

    Embed code must be iframe-based (that is, start and end with <iframe> tags). Embed code that uses <script> tags is not supported.
    - If this is the case, please try our alternative embed option using <iframe>. 

    Note: MS Sharepoint usage is beyond Awesome Table's scope of support. We suggest reaching out directly to their official Support Page for your Sharepoint-related concerns  

    - Randy

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