Why can't you see your Awesome Table app? (Google users only)



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    Nigamanth R (Edited )


    I am facing an issue in creating a new 'summary'.


    What had happened?

    I had successfully created an advanced summary and everything was fine until I accidentally permanently deleted the source spreadsheet which was first created in the google form.

    After deleting the sheet, I tried to open the advanced summary view URL but then it did not open and gave 3 options: Check if source sheet is deleted, the correct google account and app settings.

    I realized that the first option is related to my current situation and did the following.


    What I did...but in vain

    For the same form, in the responses tab, I clicked on the more option and selected "Select response destination" and created a new excel sheet.

    Now I tried to create a new summary and in the option it says "Open / Edit Summary".

    I do not want this ...I want it to be "Create new summary".

    Can someone please tell me how to solve this issue?

    I cannot afford to collect the responses again as the respondents are no longer willing to fill the form.


    Nevermind...I got the solution.

    I just went to the awesometable homepage and deleted the faulty spreadsheet(created earlier) app and retried in the forms again and it worked!

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    Yti Yti

    Hola, seguí todo y cada uno de los pasos y no consigo que se vea, los he revisado una y otra vez y nada.

    Pregunto si la versión gratuita tiene limitación de visualizaciones quizás.

    Gracias y espero vuestra respuesta

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    angeleena julee

    thanks for the info...........FE

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