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    Tim Carter (Edited )

    Hi Awesome People

    A brilliant addition to the awesome-tables collection!

    Almost perfect for me.....I know this is brand new but...

    I want to be able to just use the text sections at the bottom of the slide, with no image. I have tested with a simple 200x800 white image, and find that the "height" needs to be 100px to get things right. However is it possible, in the future to provide:

    1. min-height / height for the text box  (to prevent long texts from going missing at the bottom)
    2. width adjustment for the two texts to stop them "crashing" the arrows 
    3. Or a text only version of the slideshow (using SlideTitle and SlideText) and considering the above


    Have since found that by removing the column for photoUrls, the coloured text section fills the content, and the arrows shrink to avoid the text. However, the only thing outstanding for me is that long texts are not shown in their entirety

    Thanks as always, everything you do is "awesome"


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    Amazing! Awesome! Looking forward to using this tool. I am working for an NGO helping prisoners reform, their families and victims. I use Awesometables on our website for many things. 

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    Awesome Table


    Thank you for your kind comment.


    @Tim Carter

    Thank you for your feedback. We will think about a way to display more text in the future.