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    Criacao GRP

    Sorry to say that. But I lost patience trying this! 

    Look, why there's NO OPTION to include the QUANTITY instead the PERCENTAGE that is ALREADY inside the disk????????????????



    This should be a STANDARD FEATURE! not something I'd brag about!

    This software is useless without this thing! sorry. Look at 2019 google forms version! Thats NO OPTION TO SHOW THAT! 


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    Thomas Morin

    Hello Criacao GRP,

    I'm not sure to understand your problem.

    Actually, if you use our BIPie keyword, the text displayed in the bubble is the text contained in the corresponding column of your Google Spreadsheet column.
    So, if you want to display your quantity, you just need to write this quantity in the spreadsheet column.

    Otherwise, it is not possible to have quantity because it is a percentage that is displayed automatically for this keyword.

    I suggest you propose this idea in our feature request platform and we will let you know if we retain this option.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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