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    Estefanía Torres Ávila (Edited )

    Nice article! However, in my case I am using wordpress.com, the free version. And in this case, the iframe or script codes are not allowed.

    Is there an alternative for this case? Thanks in advance!

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    Hello Estefania,

    Thanks for your comment

    if I understand your issue here, you are currently using a Wordpress website made with the online solution on Wordpress.com is that correct? 

    Awesome Table can be embedded on a Wordpress.org based system meaning that you'll have to install Wordpress on a website host solution (paid solution but really not expensive). That being said, a free solution would be to create a Google site and embed the application on it as explained here: https://support.awesome-table.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001545289


    Rémi - Awesome Table Support team

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