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    Margarita Arévalo (Edited )

    My table isn't working. Attached is an image of my table.


    On the second row, I type HyperlinkType(f)  and it still appears as a header on my view. On column F I have images that are supposed to be clickable and take to a link. The column with the URLs is colum F, but even when I type [link], the column isn't hidden either. The columns are not linking. Also, on the view, instead of seeing the images, I only see the URL link to the images. Keep in mind, that on the example below I typed HyperlinkType[link] only to troubleshoot seeing how syntax [link] nor {link} were working.


    This is how the table looks, only way to display images is with ImageType, but the images are supposed to be clickable. Typing HyperlinkType(F) - ImageType only causes the images to be displayed, and the Hyperlink appear as header, too. If I type noFilter - Hyperlinktype(F) - ImageType, I get the images to become URL, but the noFilter appears as header, the same if I type Stringfilter. 


    Also, I try to set as a Card View, not Table, and here the images disappear entirely. 

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    Awesome Table

    Hello Margarita Arévalo,

    Would it be possible for you to share your Awesome Table view and your spreadsheet at "suppor@awesome-table.clom"? Just make sure you give us access to your data. 

    It would be great if you could explain in details what you want to achieve because you made comments in many articles with different requests.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Joseph Kyle Lons Aerotek (Edited )

    Is there a way to add multiple different hyperlinks? I have an item in A1 that needs a link and then an item in D1 that needs a different link, an item in G1 that needs another different link, an item in H1 that needs a different link and an item in I1 that needs a different link. Is this possible? 


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    Awesome Table

    Hello Joseph,

    You can have as many hyperlink as you desire in your view. Just make sure that you have for each element : 

    • the column with the content you want to display
    • the column with the hyperlink 
    • put "HyperlinkType(X)" in the first column (X being the hyperlink column url

    Please not that you can have several element with the same url too (a title and an image for example) just by referencing the same url column an each element.


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    Eric Johnston

    I have my anchor in column A and my hyperlinks in column B. I'm trying to use hypelinkType(B) but I do not have a hyperlinklink in column B for every row in the anchor column A. 

    How can I get the table to display a hypertext for the rows that have a hyperlink in column B but just plain text when there is no hyperlink available? Currently, it is will not display a row unless it has a hyperlink in column B. 

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    Awesome Table

    Hello Eric Johnston,

    Indeed, when you use "<a href=""></a>" or our hyperlinktype keyword and some of your data have no links assigned, they won't be displayed. It is not possible to display the text when you have no link assigned.

    You can propose this possibility in our feature request platform.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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    Peter Brunet


    I am trying to setup an online Unit Planner, which links to a google doc unit planner.  The Unit Planner is created/displayed using Gantt.  Here is snapshot.  I want to add a link to a google doc when clicking Unit 4..Unit 2 and so-on.  The Hover displays information as shown below...just need a link option

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    Randolph Abelardo (Edited )

    Hi @Peter.

    If you're asking how to put a link on the individual (Gantt) bars, this is not possible and not practical since a file will automatically open when bars are clicked.

    But if you want to put a link inside the tooltip (hover box), your desired end result is achievable by modifying the template. However, since the link will be housed inside the tooltip (hover box), no one will be able to click the link since the tooltip will disappear once the mouse steps off from the individual (Gantt) bar.

    I recommend using an advanced Gantt view with sidebar. This way, you can input the link (and other elements) statically on the side panel. Here's a live demo.

    Hope this helps.

    - Randy


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    Peter Brunet

    Hello Randy,

    That is exactly what I was looking for and a bit more.  I am only SLIGHTLY familiar with code/script, where can I find the code behind this feature or information how to set-up.  Also, are the 3 columns necessary in the additional Sheet:


    Also, maybe you can help.  I was able to set-up an UPDATE button with Awesome Table for a G-Form, and the data from this G-Form is synced with AutoCrat. Any ideas how to sync G-Form changes with G-Doc?  


    Thanks for your help


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    Randolph Abelardo (Edited )

    Hi Peter.

    ... where can I find the code behind this feature or information how to set-up.
    - First, create a copy of the Gantt-sidebar template by clicking the USE TEMPLATE button at the top-right corner.
    > Click the datasource, and
    > Click the Template sheet
    (screencast below)

    There's a quick rundown at the end of the Gantt tutorial showing how everything was configured.


    ... are the 3 columns necessary in the additional Sheet:
    - Yes, they are since this is a specialized view and we need to tell that it needs to be set up like a Gantt chart with a sidebar. The CSS template <style> is used to enhance the look and feel of your view.


    Any ideas how to sync G-Form changes with G-Doc?
    - I only know that changes can be synced between GForms to GSheets (but not GDocs).

    As for AutoCrat (as far as I can remember), you can either rerun the add-on to sync the fields or configure it to update the GDocs output using conditional triggers. Please reach out to the AutoCrat support team for more info as I'm not well versed with this add-on.


    - Randy


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