Set up Awesome Table on the New Google Site




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    Pancini Chantal

    ok but if you don't have a google account you can't see photos

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    Awesome Table

    Hello +Pancini Chantal,

    Where are your photos stored? If they are stored on Google Drive, what are their sharing settings ?


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    Traditional Karate

    We created one table that worked and after creating 2 more now none work... It says invalid link when trying to insert in New Google Site? Here is one of the links it works in preview mode but clicking share and getting the link doesn't work:

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    Awesome Table

    Hello Traditional Karate, 

    Could you please send us your Awesome Table view and your spreadsheet at ""? Make sure you give us access to your spreadsheet. 

    If you have sensitive data, make a copy with similar data.

    Thank you!