Use Google Form and File Attachments




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    Konstantinos I. Stouras

    Hi James and Awesome Table team,

    This is very useful feature. Is there a workaround for NON G Suite users? Why should one be G-Suite user to implement this??

    Many thanks,


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    Awesome Table


    There is unfortunately no workaround. Google is restricting this feature to G suite users for the moment and there are no ways for us to change this behavior.


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    Konstantinos I. Stouras

    I was thinking of something along the lines of this suggestion:

    But this creates an "HTML form" not really working on a "Google Form" directly.

    Many thanks!

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    Busayo Longe

    We found this restriction a bit frustrating as well. 

    Form+ ( provided a way for us to upload unlimited files to our forms. 

    It shows up in the spreadsheet (and Google Drive) just as James has described.