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    Lionel COSTE

    Would it be possible to automaticaly resize the font inside the listbox of CategoryFilter, otherwize (even better !) resize the box itself. That would be usefull for using this filter with complex names (for example chemical product names or for my part classroom names)


    What a fabulous job you did with Awesome Table ! Simple an effective, even for beginners.


    Happy 2018



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    Awesome Table

    Hi Lionel,

    We are really glad you like our product!

    Unfortunately, it is not possible yet to change customize the filter but your can change it by overwriting with CSS. However it requires knowledge in code.


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    Is there a filter option that would show "all" options selected within a csvFilter column?

    I'm designing a catalogue of resources that are available to newcomers in my region (i.e. Scholarships, Awards, Services etc...) and one of my csvFilter columns is for Eligibility.

    When someone selects "Canadian" and "Youth" as their filters, it currently only shows them resources that are two for both eligibilities. I want it to continue showing those, and also to show resources that are true of those eligbilities independently. I know I can do this by using categoryFilter, but then users will have to sift through a much larger list of eligibilities to filter as it lists them as "Canadian, Youth, Senior", "Canadian, Youth", "Youth, Senior" etc...

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    Awesome Table


    I understand your request but unfortunately, it is not possible to do that with CSV Filter. I think, the only solution would be to use "categoryFilter".

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