Proxy and Row Level Permissions




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    E- Pédagogie


    I've set up Awesome Table on my Google Site with the apps script proxy.

    Everything is working great (displaying row to specific user) but the user cannot modify his row.

    Sharing settings of the Spreadsheets is set to allow a person from the domain to modify the Spreadsheet and I've copy/past the url edit view from Awesome Table and insert it in the Google Site.

    Am I missing something?


    Source : "In conjunction with a Google Form, Awesome Table can display only the entries submitted by the user and allow them to modify those."

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    Awesome Table

    Hello E- Pédagogie,

    This article is about displaying different content for every user, so there is nothing you did wrong.

    When you give someone edit rights for your spreadsheet, they will be able to edit your spreadsheet but not your Awesome Table directly. You cannot edit the settings of your Awesome Table from somewhere else than (so you can't display the"edit view" in your website).

    If you want users to edit the content of your spreadsheet, I would advise you to follow this tutorial on connecting Awesome Table with a Google Form.


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    I don't know where else to post  my comment -

    I want people to be able to view the Awesome Table via a Google Site. 

    I don't want them to be able to view the spreadsheet that feeds the data to the Awesome Table view, becuase it contains additional information that I don't want them to see. 

    So having to share the source spreadsheet defeats the purpose. 

    Is the proxy the only way to avoid this? 



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    Awesome Table

    Hi Kbella,

    When you integrate an Awesome Table view in your website, people can only access to your spreadsheet if you give them permission (if you share the spreadsheet).
    So you don't need a proxy to avoid this.


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    Sam Haller


     I'm getting this error message when I test the web app after running the script and deploying.  

    Invalid argument: url (line 18, file "Code")

    I've gone to Script Editor on my Form Responses 1 sheet and copied the proxy script into a new project.  




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    Awesome Table

    Hi Sam Haller,

    Would it be possible for you to share your spreadsheet at ""? If you have sensitive data, you can make a copy with similar data.
    It would be helpful for us to take a look at your code.