How to display specific rows according to the user with a proxy?




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    Luminati Proxis

    Thanks for your information.Sometime we need verious website visit but we can't visit many of website because resricted this website proxy related issues,that time main needable proxy service.My company provide proxy service.
    If need proxy service for your laptop or desktop you can try it.Typically confused with VPNs, proxy servers additionally present a tunnelled connection to the Web.

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    Chris Chamberlain (Edited )

    This worked great for us in the spring. It did not work late fall. I was surprised to check today to see that it had been "updated" 16 days ago. I followed the above steps to update our set up, but it still does not work. I get the attached error message.

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    Thomas Morin

    Hello Chris Chamberlain,

    Do you have some issues with your internet connection? Indeed, if your Awesome Table view has a lot of data or a lot of formula to display, you could have this problem.

    Kind regards.


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