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    Randolph Abelardo

    Hi @Ayhan. 

    It is possible. But a disclaimer first. 

    Important Notice: The internal CSS architecture of AwesomeTable is subject to change without notice.

    With that said, please copy & paste the code below into your <style> template (click here to learn how). Refresh your view (F5) to see the change(s).

    div.csvFilter-itemCount {display: none;}

    - Randy


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    Ayhan G

    Yess, it has worked. Thanks a lot :)) I m using this for our school's weekly schedule.

    I have one more question. Sorry if I should open another ticket for this but it is also about css. That's why I m asking here.

    In the table I wish I could change the text color if it has certain text. Like "Reading" must be red while Writing might be blue. I have found something like this on the internet but it doesnt work:

    td[data-content="Reading"] { color: red; }

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    Oleg Gulevskyy

    Hey @Ayhan G

    Please check your inbox, we have responded regarding this :)

    To sum up - you would need to use JavaScript to achieve this.

    UPDATE: In fact, you can achieve this after checking out this article here:


    If this doesn't work out still, feel free to update your ticket with us.

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