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    Randolph Abelardo

    Hi @Jon.

    AwesomeTable (AT) displays whatever is given to it. So, we need to make sure that we're feeding it with the correct data-type and formatting. Also, AT applies the appropriate data-formatting type to the column based on the available data. If it detects mixed-data types, AT selects whatever Google Sheets assigned as a default. To remedy this, you need to force the pertinent column to be formatted appropriately (plain text or numeric). Then refresh your AT view to reflect the changes.

    Since the date entries are affected by your workflow (GForms > GSheets), I suggest creating a helper column where errant new entries can be formatted the way you want using the Text() or Value() function. Then use this column, instead of the original Date column.

    It would also help if the GForms date field is using a datePicker widget (instead of a regular input [string] field). (I can't access your GForms) Click here to learn how to share Google Forms.


    - Randy

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