New filter for boolean data



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    Randolph Abelardo

    Thanks for this feature request, @Jenny.

    Just to clarify, in your use case, it's better to use the categoryFilter since your outcome is mutually exclusive (either T or F, or New or blank). This filter uses the logical OR operator when multiple values are selected. The only drawback (for your boolean OR scenario) is you have to unselect the current option to choose the alternative. 

    And since there should only be 1 outcome / option chosen, wouldn't a radio button (or a hybrid dropdown with radio buttons) be a better tool for this? If yes, I'll upvote this feature for sure :)

    Alternatively, if you want to show only the New records when your view loads, you can use a Query statement (where clause with criteria)

    - Randy

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    Jenny Merchant

    Hi Randy,
    Yes, a radio button is technically the correct option for a single choice, which this is.

    When the view loads, I want all records to show by default and allow the user to filter out only the "new" records. I suppose I could add a button that would run another query to reload the view selecting only "new" records? Even if I could do that, it seems inefficient to run a query and reload the view each time so I'm really hoping for this feature request to become a reality :-).

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    Randolph Abelardo

    Upvoted ;) 

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