Columns Don't Adjust to Match Configuration



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    Randolph Abelardo

    Hi @Patrick.

    Please share your:

    AwesomeTable link
    Share with us your AwesomeTable & Google Sheets datasource so we can pinpoint where the problem is and provide the right solution at the soonest possible time. Detailed instructions here.

    Google Sheets datasource
    It's best to set the sharing settings to Anyone with the link. Click here to learn more.

    You can opt to anonymize your content by using dummy data (fake, but realistic) if your Sheets contains confidential info. Alternatively, you can just grant me access to the GSheets datasource - (I'm a deputized community moderator).

    Please read our article on Do I need to share my Google Sheets datasource and Awesome Table view to the Support team? to learn more.

    - Randy

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    Patrick Bergemann

    Thanks Randy!

    I just emailed you the link to the particular AwesomeTable and the Google Sheet.

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    Randolph Abelardo
    Issue resolved via email.

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