Table with 60K rows loading very slow


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    Randolph Abelardo

    Hi @Rehne.

    After inspecting your datasource and template, the root cause as to why your view is taking so long to load is because you used an iframe to load individual GDocs files that contain a considerable amount of pages for each selected document. Noteworthy is the Query statement you used - which automatically loads a live preview of a 122 page GDocs upon initialization. 

    Tip: You can improve the load time by creating a dummy record with no GDocs ID. I've tested this several times and the load time significantly improved from 50 secs. down to 10 secs.

    Since Awesome Table is an online web app, the loading time of the views will depend on:

    • your users' download speed
    • the volume of datasource (internal and external content)
    • and browser (including extensions)

    Below are the outcomes of the simple (unofficial) tests I did:

    • Chrome takes longer compared to FireFox.
    • New Google Sites is slower compared to Weebly.
    • FireFox & Weebly yielded the fastest load time.

    Your view is exemplary but it's not going to be practical to call or load a live view of GDocs each time someone visits your site. Another way to improve the load time is just to provide an external link to the GDocs file. In the end, you have to consider your users' experience when designing a view.

    As for the true pagination, you can create a feature request to improve the pagination system here.

    Hope this helps.

    - Randy

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