Need help wrapping & centering table columns



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    Randolph Abelardo

    Hi @Panda.

    Have you tried the tip shared in this article?

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    - Randy

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    Panda Johnson

    Hi Randy thank you for helping me.  Yes I had already tried that tip and many others.  But finally I figured it out on my own.  The problem is that my updates to the CSS in my Template sheet were not being applied to the Awesome Table....therefore nothing I did had any effect.  

    In order to get changes to apply, I had to first delete the reference to the Template in the Advanced Parameters, apply that change, then put the Template reference back, and apply again.  

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    Randolph Abelardo

    Glad that you were able to resolve your issue, @Panda !
    There are dependencies that need to be declared (template sheet name, relevant columns, ...) since we're using HTML.

    If you need some guidance, please read our primer on getting started with Awesome Table. Otherwise, you can reach out to us in this community.

    - Randy

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