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    Max Behrenbrinker

    this would be AMAZING

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    Colin Wood

    Great suggestion, I am facing a similar issue, but on a smaller scale. This would be very useful. I've requested a folder or tag system to organise my files - this would reduce the need for that quite a bit.

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    Fred Olsen Travel

    I would just like to retract a line from my own suggestion.......

    The following would not reduce the amount of views required.

    "The embed code could possibly reference a cell in the Template sheet to avoid the full query string being read from the embed?"

    Placing the 'Query Statement' in the actual embed code itself, provides the most flexibility and therefore the most effective option of those suggested above in my opinion.

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    Colin Wood

    #Fred Olsen Travel

    I've just become aware that Awesome tables is no longer a free service. I mention this since you sound as though your site will be heavily reliant on the service and in case you were also unaware. Sorry, I can't quantify this for you as price plans are not published and I have yet to receive a response to my recent request for more information.

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    Randolph Abelardo

    Hello @Collin.

    I would just like to clarify what you said about: ... Awesome tables is no longer a free service.

    Awesome Table has a freemium plan that is allotted with 1,000 pageviews per month and offers the same full-featured functionalities as the paid-plan.

    A pricing plan is in place for individuals or organizations whose pageviews exceeds the free monthly quota. Please email our Sales team (support@awesome-table.com) if you anticipate that you'll require more pageviews, in the event that the quota will be exceeded, or if you want to learn more.

    A pageview is an instance of your Awesome Table view being loaded (or reloaded) in a browser. This view can either be your *standalone* Awesome Table in *preview mode* or a view that's embedded on a website (wordpress, joomla, new google sites, ...).

    Note: AwesomeTable is headquartered in Paris, France and our operating hours is Monday - Friday from 9 am - 6 pm CEST.

    Hope this helps.


    - Randy

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