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    Thomas Morin


    Actually, if you use a simple table view, the order of the display is the order of your columns in your Google Spreadsheet data source except if you use a query.

    The filters can't change the order of your row but they can change the format of your data especially if you use a NumberRangeFilter for example.

    Kind regards.


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    Colin Wood

    Thanks for your help Thomas :)

    In case others have a similar problem:
    I hadn't thought to look for a query in the view. Changing the order of the letters there did resolve the problem. However, it definitely was the case that changes made to the filter settings changed the row order in the view somehow, and moving a column on the spreadsheet reversed the view row order.

    There is clearly something else going on that I have not appreciated. I'm guessing it is something to do with the template sheet structure. I'm still unsure about why and when to have multiple sections on the template, with a concomitant empty column on the data sheet.

    No matter, messing with the query select order has resolved my problem. 

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    Thomas Morin

    It is strange because if you change the filter, it is not supposed to change the order of your row.

    Could you give further information about that? What is the filter you change?

    It would be great if we could access your view. Please, share with us your view and the corresponding spreadsheet at "".

    Thanks in advance.


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