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    Thomas Morin

    Hello Robert,

    Actually, your images won't be displayed if you use Imgur to store them. I suggest you store your image in your Google Drive and you won't have this problem.

    Kind regards.


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    Robert Morgan

    Hi Thomas

    Imgur Images work when I display the awesome table card view on the pc but not on the mobile.  I'm using the "Direct Link" provided by Imgur.  Is there something different about the mobile display over the pc display that will allow one to be displayed but not the other?  eg


    Kind Regards



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    Thomas Morin

    Hello Robert,

    We definitely recommend hosting your Images in your Google Drive because there are some conflicts between Awesome Table and Imgur.
    A lot of our users had problems with displaying images from Imgur. It depends on the web browser and the device.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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    Randolph Abelardo

    Hi @Robert.

    I agree with @Thomas. There are times that issues arise when using image-hosting sites for your images.

    Just so we're sure, could you please share with us your:

    AwesomeTable link
    Share with us your AwesomeTable & Google Sheets datasource so we can pinpoint where the problem is and provide the right solution at the soonest possible time. Detailed instructions here.

    Google Sheets datasource
    It's best to set the sharing settings to Anyone with the link. Click here to learn more.

    You can opt to anonymize your content by using dummy data (fake, but realistic) if your Sheets contains confidential info.


    - Randy

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