Any possible way to disable group marker (clustering)



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    Thomas Morin

    Hello Sawon, 

    I'm not sure to understand your request because when you deactivate the group markers, there is no one left.
    Do you have an example when the group markers are deactivate and they still exist?

    Thanks in advance.


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    King Alfred David

    Hi there,

    I also have the same question. I am using the map visualization type to mark multiple locations on a map. I mark off each location in the order in which I have visited them by color coding the pins using the ColorType feature. However, the map defaults to grouping the pins by cluster rather than keeping them all separate. I know I can disable this manually by toggling on the settings, however, it keeps defaulting back to clusters every time I visit the page. Is there a way to keep the pins from clustering by default?


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    Thomas Morin

    Hello King Alfred David,

    Indeed, it is not possible to have a map view without group markers by default. That,s why I suggest you propose this idea in our feature request platform.

    Thank you.


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