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    Nicolas Gauvin

    Hello Colin,

    There is a feature called Proxies that would allow to only display content that belongs to a specific user. However, this is made for users within a G Suite Domain.

    Please have a look at this article on pre-filtered views. This will work with hidden columns.


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    Colin Wood

    Thanks for your time considering this. Sorry I should have made it more clear that I was aware of the domain limitation for proxies. 
    I guess the essence of my question concerns the use of filters.

    1. Is it possible to hide a filter
    2. Could such a filter then take parameters from the URL. 

    I am able to hide the column that the filter relates to, but the filter still shows. This is opposite of what I'd like. I'd prefer to hide the filter but show the column, or have neither show - but still retain the results of the filter.

    Hope I'm more clear this time, sorry for the confusion.

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    Nicolas Gauvin

    Hello Colin!

    Sorry if I misunderstood you!

    Pre-filter (filtering a view with the URL) requires to have a filter for the relevant column in your view.

    A little trick you could do is to hide the desired filter with some simple CSS template:

    .controlers-filters:nth-child(3){ display:none }

    (Replace place with the relevant rank of the filter. i.e: if this filter is the 4rth in order to appear next to your view, the value should be "4")

    If you are not familiar with how to create and modify a template, please follow this guide: https://support.awesome-table.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004170225--Part-2-Set-up-your-template#2

    Please let me know if you need more help.


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