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    Nicolas Gauvin

    Hello Joseph,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the query programmatically.

    However in your specific use case maybe this article on proxies could do the trick?


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    Joseph Vaughan


    Thank you for your reply.  That article looks like exactly what I need! 



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    Gustavo A. Valero P.

    Great the Joseph's point!

    I'm a rookie working with proxy and try to understand how it works. According what I know as far, Awesome Table will not query the data from my spreadsheet, it will be done by proxy instead.

    If so, you will have to create a large script (maybe complex) to help/guide script to generate the table (I will lose the automation and features given by AT) when the main goal was to have a dynamic query associate to something inofensive like this:   

    - "Select * Where B = 3"  or

    -  "Select D, SUM(I) Group by D Pivot E"   -->   (my case)

    I wonder if this could be an improvement,  if AT could read the customized query from a Sheet/cell  and later work with it to generate the table, everyone will win with it. I created an image in order to help to understand my idea.

    In this way, the query can be static or dynamic depending on user or need 

    I hope it helps, regards!









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