Add Image and Hyperlink to map tooltip on awesometable geocode addon for google sheets.



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    Nicolas Gauvin



    First of all, you need to be sure that your images are hosted in an image host service. 

    In your data sheet, you should never have any code, it should just be pure data.


    So in this example, let's consider you have columns called "Link" and "Image Link".

    For your "Link" column, please follow this article:

    For your image, please fill the "Image Link" column with links to your hosted images. In your HTML template please add an img tag with "{{Image Link}} as the "src" attribute.

    Hope this helps!


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    AJ Lind

    Yeah, I'm going to look in some of your tutorials, but the part about images, for someone who is a complete rookie, lacks far too many details to get up and running :-)


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    Thomas Morin


    I understand your concerns. That's why, we suggest our users consult our first tutorial to understand the concept and the logical of Awesome Table.

    Then, you should consult this second tutorial to know how to use a template sheet.

    Kind regards.


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