Awesome Table Content in Classic Google Site search



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    Thomas Morin

    Hello Trevor Mountford,

    Indeed, the search filter from the Google site can't work for an Awesome Table view because it is independant. You can only use our stringFilter to work with Awesome Table.

    Kind regards.


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    Trevor Mountford

    Thank you Thomas for your confirmation and suggestion


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    Trevor Mountford

    Hi Thomas

    Is there any other way apart from an Awesome Table that would show data in an Google Sheet or Excel that would be found by the search ?

    Each page in my site has a list of documents and, using the search facility, users would like to know which pages a specific document if referenced on. I tried an HMTL table by the search didn't find content in this either

    Thank you for any help


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    Nicolas Gauvin


    Unfortunately, I do not think there are ways to achieve this. Every time someone loads one of your pages, it will load data from your spreadsheet dynamically. This means that the content is not "already there" in your page, so it will not be available to be searched. 



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