Create an Update Button when using a Google Form



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    Roland Schnitter


    I have a more generic issue with buttons in Awesome Table. I like to address a Google From to enter just new entries to the Google Spreadsheet in my view. In my case, it is further unwanted to have a button in each row of the Spreadsheet. Just one button next to the Filters in the view shall be available to add an entry. Will this be possible?

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    Randolph Abelardo

    Hi @Roland.

    You can achieve your desired end result by following this Tips & Tricks post.
    Just replace the image element with your GForms button or link.

    Please note that placing it precisely beside the filters will be challenging since the filters move around depending on your audience's varied viewport (screen size). So, it's safer to place the button on the top of the view itself.

    Then you can simply use the Hidden keyword to not display the column containing the EDIT buttons.

    - Randy

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