Problem: Can I change the column label of a filter column and not lose the filter itself?



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    Awesome Table

    Hello @Tom Steppe,

    It is not possible yet to rename the name of the column with this kind of query and keep the filter.

    However, you can propose this new feature in our feature request.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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    Philip Mills

    A fairly simple workaround for this is to create a second sheet with row 1 containing labels as you want them to appear in AwesomeTables and with row 2 containing the required filters.

    Row 3 and downwards is populated from the original table using either =IMPORTRANGE (if using a seperate google sheet) or using ={range}

    Example: my original sheet is named Directory 

    so in cell A3 I use this  ={Directory!A3:Z}

    Now point Awesome-Tables at the new sheet instead :)


    I have successfully got this method to work in conjunction with the People Directory add-on - all the column headings are in English, but i translated them using this method

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