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    Randolph Abelardo

    Happy holidays, @Dan !

    For the meantime, let me offer you a workaround that meets all your specifications.
    It's a bit involved but doable ;) Once everything's set up, it does things automatically on its own.
    Bonus feature: since it's templated, you can customize how the photo-cards render (e.g. overlay text w/ gradient background, include icons, ...).

    In a nutshell, the approach I used leveraged Awesome Table's:

    • Files Cabinet add-on (since this retrieves a folder's content hourly)
    • Reload function
    • Prescribed syntax to generate an image from Google Drive
    • Query function in Google Sheets

    Here's a working demo of the view.
    Simply click the USE TEMPLATE button (top right) to create a copy for yourself (both view and datasource).

    Hope this helps.

    - Randy

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