I can't open a link on the same page with the New Google Sites




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    Is this going to be fixed anytime soon?

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    Thomas Morin

    Hello Sshellhammer,

    Actually, it is a limitation from Google Site. When they will solve this issue, we will let you know.

    Kind regards.


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    Banco de Currículos do Brasil

    Hello, guys! I can help you a little bit. 

    I'm Brazillian, sorry by my bad english. >.<


    You can put a link _top (same page) or  _blank (another tab), whatever...

    I've tried it for 1 day... haha


    You just need put "https://" on the begin. 


    Ex: <a href="https://www.google.com"> Google </a>


    Without "https://" there is no way. 


    I made this in my New Google Site even having no G-suite account.


    I hope help u! Bye ^^ 

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    Terwase Gberikon

    If you make the link a button and redirect to the page you need, it’ll load the page within the same page

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