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    Gustavo A. Valero P.


    Something is wrong with the column name called "Results" associated to BICount keyword.

    When the web page (report) is loaded at beginning everything works fine, BICount put "MyColunmName" and "Results" as headers of my table correctly but if the user will change any parameter by using any filter, the "Results" name dissapears and is replaced with "MyColunmName" value again. 

    In your live example you can see this problem, the "What is your nationality?" and "Results" headers appear fine at the begining but if you will change the date (using Timestamp), the "Results" header disappears and you will see twice "What is your nationality?" in both headers!

    I hope and know you will fix this litlle detail.

    Have a great day friends!







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    Thomas Morin

    Hello Gustavo A. Valero P.,

    Indeed, it is a bug that we will solve as soon as possible.
    We thank you a lot for warning us.

    *We will let you know when this issue will be fixed.

    Kind regards.


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