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    Are there ways to control the zoom in starting point or the dimensions of the map itself?  Thanks for any help!  I've got this working, but would like an optimized starting position of the map.

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    Awesome Table

    Hi Eduservices,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible yet to change the zoom in your view. However, there is a new option that allows you to stop using clusters or markers.

    Kind regards,

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    Francis Ortiz Ocaña (Edited )

    Hi, for some reason, when my rows reach 185 rows the map does not center anymore on the results, please take a look at the screenshots to see if is there any solution to this issue. I would appreciate your help, thanks in advance.

    Below is all fine up to 186 rows of data

    This is what happens when it reaches 187 rows

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    Awesome Table (Edited )

    Hi Francis Ortiz Ocaña,

    Would it be possible for you to share your Awesome Table view and your spreadsheet at "support@awesome-table.com"?
    If you have sensitive data, you can make a copy with similar data. Just make sure to give us access to your data.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Randolph Abelardo

    Hello @Francis Ortiz Ocaña.

    I've encountered that same issue several times before.
    I reckon it has nothing to do with the number of records (rows).
    But rather, an issue with the coordinates (longitude & latitude).

    Could you please follow the recommendation in this FAQ and let us know what happens.

    - Randy

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    Nahdi Lazar

    A strange map zoom bug - in a map & table view, I'd like my users to be able to toggle the map on/off. I added the necessary javascript and a button and it works fine (toggling the display property of the first instance of the "at-map-panel" class). However, I'd like the default to be off, but for some reason, loading the view with a .at-map-panel {display: none;} CSS causes the map to zoom out to the maximum.

    Same unwanted effect happens even when applying {display: none;} via javascript after the map has been successfully loaded (using an onload event listener for instance) - it loads fine, then is immediately hidden, and when manually displayed again - it's zoomed out...

    This doesn't happen when map display is on by default and the user toggles it on/off manually.


    Table & Map - map is displayed by default - works fine

    Table & Map - map is hidden by default - zooms out after load

    Spreadsheet for both (containing both templates)


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    Awesome Table

    Hello Nahdi Lazar,

    Sorry for the delay of the response!

    The solution is to hide the map with 0px but not use "display:none" otherwise the map doesn't exist and the zoom doesn't work.
    Here is a copy of your Awesome Table view and here is a copy of your spreadsheet.

    Kind regards,

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