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    dario molina

    Para agregar a una biblioteca CSS externa, debo usar el CDN?

    Por ejemplo, MaterializeCss, debo agregar

     en el input URL CSS personalizado? o como es el método?

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    Awesome Table

    Hello dario molina,

    I suggest you link your CSS in your template sheet in a column with an empty header. Here is an article that could be useful for you.

    You just need to link your file with this code:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

    Kind regards,

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    Eugene Petersen

    Hi Thomas, 

    What should the syntax look like when I try to reference a css file located within Google Drive.  As an example, my current shared link is

    and, well.. nothings happening:) 

    All thoughts welcome. Many thanks

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    Awesome Table

    Hello Eugene,

    It is not a recommended practice to store your CSS files in Google Drive. We recommend you using some other hosting service or to use Awesome Table templates.



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    Randolph Abelardo

    I second what @Nicolas suggested, @Eugene.

    CSS file must never be hosted in Google Drive as it will not be loaded inside the Awesome Table view. Google Drive is not meant to serve content for web pages (including text files for CSS).

    You can upload your CSS file to free hosting services like weebly and gitHub

    - Randy

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    Francesca G (Edited )

    Hello, I'm afraid this will be a very dumb question but can't find how to make things work!

    I've added my complete css url in the "Custom CSS URL" field in formatting tab.
    My CSS is located in my theme folder, so the file is nested in some folder sequence, but it is perfectly accessible from the web. The problem is that none of the rule  I wrote there is working (those rules worked if loaded from the Template sheet of my Google Sheet).

    Can anyone guess what is wrong?

    Maybe the fact that, before adding this url, css was loaded directly from the sheet?

    Thank you


    UPDATE (I knew it was dumb!!!)

    Problem is the css is on a http server (not https). Ok, solved. I guess there is no work around here,

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    Alan Steven

    Yes, you are absolutely right Randolph Abelardo. Google Drive is not meant to store content for web pages. So, you must not host css file in google drive. Perhaps, the most optoion will be Google's GCE Cloud hosting.


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