How to track a specific link with Google Analytics?




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    Francine Claustre

    Hello, could you please give an example and show how it must be displayed in the datasheet and the template sheet: where to paste the code (new column ?) and which keyword to add in the parameter line n°2 of the datasheet? Thank you

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    Awesome Table

    Hello Francine,

    Actually, you just need to apply the code below in your template sheet. 

    <a href="{{Url}}" onclick="ga('send', 'pageview', '{{URL to track}}');">
    {{Link Text}}

    It is not mandatory to use a template sheet with Awesome Table but you can use it if you want to enhance and customize your view.

    Here is an article that could be useful in your case. For example, the template sheet in this example allows you to understand how to use a "<a href=""> </a>" attribute.

    Kind regards,


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