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    Jabar Foll Facelo

    Good day!

    Just an inquiry, how to archive/delete data on awesome table? Is that some sort of add ons? Thanks. Jabar

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    Awesome Table

    Hello @Jabar Foll Facelo,

    I am not sure what you mean by this. Awesome Table will not change your data in any way (only your spreadsheet will). So to delete data, you how to delete your data in your Spreadsheet.

    If you want some data to be hidden in your Awesome Table but not delete it in your spreadsheet you can use queries (if you have timestamps in your sheet you can choose to display items that are less than 2 weeks old for example).

    Thank you,


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    Jabar Foll Facelo

    Hi Nicolas,

    Right! Its all on the spreadsheet. Thanks. I've figured it out. Sorry for the noob question :D. Jabar

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